Black Bear Software, LLC

When you trust a large software house with your project, are you getting what you pay for?

Typically, the "big guys" charge you top dollar for access to their developers, but more than likely some of the folks you're paying for are still wet behind the ears, learning the business on your dollar.  And, of course, you'll be picking up the tab for project managers, team leads and countless other pieces of driftwood that are going to suck up your budget without really contributing much to the success of the project.

Instead, hire the straw and forget about the chaff!  Work directly with a group of technologists who specialize in solving your problems and saying yes, rather than trying to get as much as they can for as little effort as possible...

Sure, there are projects out there that require massive teams to deploy, but most companies get oversold. Oversold on hardware. Oversold on software. And oversold on project staffing.

Why spend millions of dollars to deploy a site that you could have up and running for $200,000?   Our team brings just the right mix of technologies to solve your problem, and each member is an expert in the areas he or she will be work with.  You won't have to worry about a learning curve with us.

Of course, we also pride ourselves on understanding our client's business.  In fact, in designing a solution for your application, we may also help you uncover things about your business processes that you never knew existed.

Black Bear Software specializes in deployments using Linux and other open source technologies.  We are proficient in Java (including JSP, Struts and J2EE), LDAP, XML, SQL and RDBMS design, Perl and scripting and general Unix/Linux sysadmin.  When possible, we lean toward open source solutions, but can as easily work with platforms such as JBoss and webSphere.

One of the principals of the company has authored a book on JSP development, and is co-authored a book on the Struts Application Framework.

Like to save some money and get more than you expected?  Contact us at [email protected] to get coding.

Check out the skill-sets of our staff:

James Turner