James M. Turner

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Work Experience

2006 - PresentSenior Software Engineer
Kronos, Inc

Working at Kronos Labs (formerly Kronos Advanced Development), developed proof of concept applications and white papers covering emerging technologies to assist in setting the company's technology direction. Developed applications using Struts, Hibernate, Spring and AspectJ to prototype Software As a Service architecture.

Used Visual Studio Toolkit for Office (VSTO) to develop integration between Microsoft Excel and existing XML-based data provider in Kronos application.

Contributed to numerous white papers and internal studies of emerging technologies.

Refactored embedded Java timeclock application to improve modularity and portability.

Developed Data Driven survey / questionaire tool to allow generic data collection applications to be created without large amounts of custom code.

Developed natural language query interface using ANTLR.

2007 - Present

Contributing Editor
O'Reilly Media

Wrote feature articles for O'Reilly News web site.  Sourced approximately 10 articles a month covering Linux, Databases, scripting languages, system administration and Ruby. Recruited new bloggers for the web site. Wrote weekly newsletter summarizing the week's content. Scripted comic strip. Managed contract and invoice activity with authors.

2004 -

Senior Developer
Axis Technology, LLC

At Fidelity Employer Services Company, served as a Java developer implementing an HR Payroll application on IBM WebSphere. Integrated web services using Axis, developed a Struts framework to allow configuration via web service calls, co-authored a major set of JSP tags to implement the OneFidelity style sheet. Developed unit tests and participated in architectual design to assure performance goals were met.

2005 - 2006

Linux Journal
Products Editor

Responsible to determining products to review, acquiring products from manufacturers, developing test criteria for product evaluation, assigning product reviews to freelance writers and editing submitted copy.

2005 - Present

Linux Today
Senior Contributing Editor

Responsible for writing articles on current topics in the Linux and Open Source community.

2003 - 2005 LinuxWorld Magazine
Senior Editor

Responsible of assigning articles to writers, working with topic editors to develop themes for each issue, recruiting companies and individual to contribute content, performing interviews and writing original material.

2001 - 2006 Benefit Systems, Inc
Director of Software Development

Developed specifications and implemented Tomcat/MySQL based health care benefit administration system deployed under Linux. Integrated real-time credit card transactions for benefits enrollment. Created export modules to encrypt and transmit enrollment data to providers. Developed XML-based language-independent form-generation subsystem. Created LDAP-based enrollment database. Wrote HIPAA-compliant import and export modules.

1999 - Present Various Publications
Freelance Technology Writer

Researched and wrote a bi-weekly bylined column, "Hot Links" in the Work and Money section of the Christian Science Monitor.  Research and write occasional special sections for the paper including topics such as Web Hosting Services.

Write occasional product review articles for WIRED Magazine.

1999 - 2001 Viridien Technologies, Inc
Principal Software Engineer

Developed generic reusable promotions engine using pure Java classes for use in CVS.com web site. Integrated TaxWare using the UTL interface. Developed subtotalling and calculation engine. Assisted in integration of modules with iPlanet.

Acted as technical lead during developement Java/Dynamo based shopping cart/storefront application for Superdrug UK. Participated in requirements gathering and refinement with customer. Developed architectural elements. Acted as mentor to an 8 person team of developers. Worked with ATG to overcome product deficiencies of Dynamo, and extended the DCS shopping cart to support functionality ATG said was not possible.

Taught sections of internal course on Java/XML, concentrating on DOM and JDOM using Xerces.

Developed web front end for consumer banking application using 3270 screen scrapping tool and ASP. Worked with customer to develop requirements. Evaluated and chose development platform. Added WML/WAP gateway to the finished product.

Developed Java/Dynamo based shopping cart/storefront application for Woolworths UK. Acted as one of the key technical leads, implementing the entire back-end shopping cart/checkout functionality.

Developed XML parser for incoming news stream using Xerces parser to transform it into custom HTML content.

Developed Java/Dynamo based B2B trading exchange application. Was one of two lead programmers developing an entire desktop-metaphor web site from scratch using base Dynamo functionality. Worked with customer to refine requirements, and occasional stear them in the right direction.

At GTE Internetworking: Developed remediation plans for 100+ non-compliant web sites to assure Y2K compliance (Solaris and Windows NT with multiple layered applications.)  Developed perl-based configuration-management tool which allows configuration snapshots (software and hardware) of several hundred active servers to be automatically gathered in a centralized Oracle database. Developed object-oriented pricing tool that allows sales staff to configure and price web farm installations.

At Viridien: Developed and deployed SSH gateway which uses one-time passwording for verification.

1999 - 2001 Massachuetts Communications College
Adjunct Professor, Internet Studies

Developed and taught curiculum for "Web Administration and Networking" course.  Assisted in development of proposed Internet Studies BS program.

1997 - 1999 The Christian Science Monitor, Electronic Edition
Manager of Website Technology

Responsible for day to day operation of web site serving 2,000,000 hits per week. Write perl, Java and Javascript applications in support of editorial needs, including database integration and automated publishing. Maintained AltaVista, RealAudio, Netscape Enterprise Server, corporate POP3 mail, NetGravity, Accrue. Monitored resource demands, specify and order equipment to meet future needs. Wrote technology columns for the print edition of the paper. 

Author of Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CSPAN) AltaVista SDK interface module.

BBN Planet, Cambridge, MA 
Responsible for design and production of automated installation software, which installs a fully functioning copy of the target OS, including third-party software packages. Developed SSL-based performance and status tools for Netscape Commerce Server. Was involved in creation of NSAPI code to restrict resources available to CGI scripts. Wrote CGI scripts and web pages to front-end to Webstone performance suite, other net-based tools. Integrated S/Key and anonymous FTP into existing product line. Ported products and scripts from Irix 5.3 to Solaris 2.4, then Solaris 2.5 and Irix 6.2. Developed in-house web-cam using SGI Indy. Integrated RealAudio servers into product line. Integrated Microsoft FrontPage support into product line.
The Concorde Group, Cambridge, MA 
Developed NCSA HTTPD-based document viewer on CDROM to access SunSolve database. The viewer incorporated freeWais, SFgate, customer Perl CGI scripts and wrappers. The product could be run from CDROM, or partially or entirely installed on a local disk, and the same CD worked correctly with SunOS 4.1.* or Solaris 2.*.
Community Newspaper Company, Needham, MA 
Investigated, developed requirements for, and implemented Internet gateway based on 56Kb Frame Relay connection to ISP. Configured and implemented firewall on Intel-based Linux system running TIS firewall toolkit. 

Conducted disaster recovery planning meeting. Developed disaster recovery plan based on recommendations, involving DLT tape drives and a 2 Terrabyte optical jukebox, as well as hotspared machines and large RAID disk subsystem. Met with vendors to develop capital acquisition request. 

Developed requirements for one junior, two senior System Administrator and one operator positions. Conducted interviews, contacted outside recruiting firms. Hired all positions. 

Developed SNMP-based monitoring program for 7-site, T1/T3/ISDN linked publishing system. Used TkPerl, Perl5, CMU SNMP client. Integrated beeper software to automatically alert staff on a variety of error conditions. Developed Motif-based viewer for network and interface to Alert Light in machine room using X10 control system. 

Investigated and implemented UUCP-based mail and news feed, registered DNS domain, configured Sendmail. Reconfigured Sun Online Disk Suite to add additional disk space. 

Developed Sybase-linked HTML based problem reporting system. Problems are entered via WWW forms, registered in Sybase, and managed through additional WWW pages. 

Ektron Applied Imaging, Bedford, MA (1 Month Contract) 
Member of 3 person system administration team. Developed backup utility written in Perl to manager nightly backups onto 10 tape Exabyte jukebox. Installed ethernet print servers. Installed Sun 4.1.3 patches and rebuilt kernels. Installed SunOs 4.1.4 and Solaris 2.4. Installed SNMP Unix clients, reorganized SNMP monitoring scheme. Assisted in debugging for 56Kb leased line, CSU/DSU diagnosis. Configured Cisco router. Installed DOS 6.22 and PC-NFS 5.1a 
1991 - 1995 Interleaf, Inc., Waltham, MA 
Principal Software Engineer / Senior Member of Technical Staff 

Solely responsible for design and implementation of Interleaf's database publishing product, DBLink. Developed Motif GUI interface using XDesigner, C and LISP. Implemented database connections to Oracle and Sybase, using middleware interface layer. Developed interface to Microsoft ODBC 2.0 using DLL libraries under Windows NT and Windows 3.1. 

Negotiated contracts and made recommendations for outside software purchases. 

Presented technical papers at user conferences. Worked directly with customers to resolve problems and solicit technical direction for future products. 

Did initial evaluation of possible SGML/HTML integration with Interleaf. Developed prototype interface to IBM PCTE object-oriented file system. 

Worked in the company's services division, developing applications to customer specifications. Working as a co-lead of a small team, developed 100,000 line application to manage aircraft manuals through a complex lifecycle using Interleaf RDM/Oracle product.

1990 - 1991 Kendall Square Research, Waltham, MA 
Manager of Network Services 

Responsible for day-to-day upkeep and long term planning of 80 seat Sun network. Developed system administration tools in Perl and C. Maintained and improved network connectivity. Ported OSF/1 TCP/IP stack to parallel computing architecture. 

1989 - 1990 Solbourne Computer, Longmont, CO 
Field Engineer 

Worked with customer on a pre and post-sales basis. Ported Unix applications to take advantage of multi-processor architecture. Diagnosed and repaired board-level faults at customer sites. 

1989 Industrial Automation Research Partners, New York, NY 
Consulting Manager 

Managed 3 person software team porting Informix application to AT&T 3B2 platform for three months under contract. Supervised installation of computer room. 

1986-1988 Xerox Artificial Intelligence Systems, Palo Alto, CA 
Field Engineer 

Worked in a pre and post sales role with customers, developing AI and expert systems applications in Xerox InterLISP. Diagnosed and repaired board-level faults at customer sites. 

1982-1986 LISP Machine, Inc., Cambridge, MA 
Software Engineer 

Diagnosed and repaired component-level faults at customer sites. Maintained operating system software for LISP-based processor. Worked on prototype computer graphics system using Silicon Graphics Iris. Developed network software, printer drivers. Produced promotional videos for trades shows. Assisted in design of new processor board. 

1981 MIT Artificial Laboratory 
Research Specialist 

Developed prototype text processing system for LISP Machines. Participated in debugging of LISP Machine hardware. 


MySQL and JSP Web Applications: Data-Driven Programming Using Tomcat and MySQL
Sams Publications, March 2002, ISBN 0-672-32309-5, 560 pages

Struts Kick Start
SAMS Publications, December 2002, ISBN 0-672-32472-5, 504 pages


Hampshire College, Amherst, MA.
BA with concentration in Computer Science


Member: Society of Professional Journalists
Member: Internet Press Guild
Former Member: National Association of Science Writers
Former Member: National Society of Newspaper Columnists