Hi! I'm James Turner. I'm the President of Black Bear Software, as well as a senior software engineer at Kronos, Inc. I'm also a freelance journalist and writer whose work has appeared in The Christian Science Monitor and WIRED, among others (here's a link to an index of all my articles). I've also written two books on Java Server Pages for Sams, and am the senior contributing editor for LinuxPlanet. I do Java e-Commerce Development, and hang out a lot on the Internet. I'm 44 years old, am married and have a son who was born in 1995.

For people who care, my birthday is August 2nd, which makes me one of those bossy Leos.

I'm also:

Previous to starting Black Bear Software, I worked for Lisp Machine, Inc, Xerox, Solbourne Computer, Kendall Square Research and Interleaf. Here's my resume. You can email me at turner at blackbear.biz

My current pride and joy is my new rackmount cabinet, here's a couple of photos:


From top to bottom:
  • Dual Audio Tape Deck
  • Audio Patch Bay
  • 1U Linux Server
  • 1U Pullout Keyboard and Mouse (Gentoo Server Console)
  • Gentoo Linux MythTV Server
  • Windows XP Server
  • UPS Supplies for All of the Above
  • Not visible

  • Cable Modem
  • Network Switches (x2)